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Firehouse Garage History

Firehouse Garage owner, Jeff Pevytoe has a passion for helping people organize their homes. Since the mid 1990’s, he has worked on light commercial and residential construction projects. Jeff is an entrepreneur and has worked as a firefighter for 30+ years. The first responder culture of reliability, professionalism, trust, and responsiveness is embedded in the company.

In 2018, the owners decided to focus their efforts on the booming garage organization industry in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Several garage organization franchises were considered and studied, but none seemed to offer the best products in each category of organization. In response to the limited availability of exceptional products, Jeff set out to build a company that can offer the very best products. Firehouse Garage was born, and our customers can expect the very best products, service, and professionalism in the garage organization space. Simply put, Firehouse Garage is organization you can trust!

Our RedLine Story

While in search of best-in-class products, we discovered the RedLine Garagegear cabinet line. RedLine has a strong reputation of building and offering the finest custom garage cabinets in the industry. The unique ability to offer our customers a powder coated finish on a nonmetal cabinet was something that appealed to us. Although powder coated metal cabinets are available by numerous sources, we didn’t feel like the metal cabinets are as durable and offer the customizable flexibility that RedLine Garagegear cabinets can. With more than 500 garage cabinet choices and 12 powder coated color choices, the quality is unmatched and the combinations and options are virtually endless.

We have a saying in the fire service that we use to describe our needs; “Is it fireman proof?” You see, firemen are known for being hard on equipment and must be able to trust that their equipment is going to operate in the harshest environments. After looking at other cabinets offered on the market, Firehouse Garage decided to use RedLine Garagegear Cabinets for our supplier. We believe these cabinets are built to be “fireman proof.”

And to top that off, everything is made in the USA and backed with a lifetime guarantee. We felt these attributes were the perfect match for Firehouse Garage and we are proud to offer the line-up exclusively in the DFW area.

Firehouse Mission Statement

We provide best-in-class garage organizational products and systems that make lives easier and add value to every home or business we serve.

Firehouse Core Values

F Faith, we strive for complete confidence and trust in us

I Innovation, we transform each garage with best-in-class products

R Reliability, we respond quickly and do what we say all of the time

E Excellence, we perform every job at a high level

H Honesty, we honor our customers with our work

O Organized, we provide systems that make lives easier

U Usefulness, we deliver functional and practical systems

S Service, we help our customers in any way possible

E Effort, we work harder than our competition

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